English Course
With the need for multinational companies to employ a range of nationalities to reflect the global business world we live in, now more than ever the provision of an English course to those employees is essential. 

There are advantages to both a group English course and a private English course.  Group English courses can only be successful if all the students are of a similar level.  This allows all the students of the group course to keep up with the pace of the course and get the most out of it.  A group course allows the students to interact with each other while the teacher monitors and gives feedback when the students have finished the speaking activities.  It is important that group classes are not too large; the maximum number of students in a group course should not exceed twelve.  It becomes more difficult for the teacher to monitor classes of more than twelve students and there is less time for each student to practice the target language. 


The biggest advantage of taking a one-to-one English course is that the teacher is totally focused on the student’s individual needs and is able to concentrate solely on their weaker areas.  The course will be tailored to the individual’s needs and changed upon the student’s request.


There are many English courses to choose from in London.  The English courses offered in private language schools tend to follow set programmes accompanied by set textbooks.  The disadvantage of such an English course is the inflexibility; it may be that not all of the units in the set textbook are relevant to the student’s needs or interests.  The other disadvantage is that many of the language schools have rigid level charts and put the students up a level after a certain number of lessons even if they have not reached the next level.  This means that the higher level English course could be too difficult for them, leading to a less confident and unmotivated student. 


It is important that every student sets some objectives at the start of their English course, so that they have a focus and can measure their progress.  These course objectives need to be realistic and measurable.  Course objectives, such as “By the end of this English course, I will be able to give a fluent business presentation with confidence” is a good example. 


For those working in London, who would like to invest in an English Course, having a personal teacher providing lessons at home or the workplace is the most convenient option available.  The teacher and student can agree the most suitable schedule for the English course and the student does not have to travel to get a flexible, tailored course.