Corrections & Feedback

After and during every lesson written & spoken feedback is given.


Written feedback

  • Language problems: including grammatical mistakes, incorrect verb forms, prepositions, word order etc.

  • New vocabulary: including new words, expressions, phrasal verbs idiomatic language.

  • Pronunciation problems: including individual sounds, word & sentence stress, intonation.

Oral feedback
Correction is given when the target language is used incorrectly & other repeated mistakes are made, which impede understanding.  Correction is not given during a fluency activity, as I believe it’s more important to practise speaking continuously without interruption.  Any mistakes that are made during fluency exercises are written down and reviewed at the end of the activity or lesson.

The feedback recorded during each lesson is used to create a review on every tenth lesson.  The review includes written and spoken exercises on everything that was studied in the previous 9 lessons. 

The written review is divided into the following sections:feedback, review, language, problems, correction, lessons, written, vocabulary, pronunciation, english language, language lessons, correction feedback, new vocabulary, language problems, oral feedback, speaking review, pronunciation problems, lesson, english,

(1) Grammar: error correction, gap fill & multiple choice exercises
(2) Vocabulary: matching, text completion exercises
(3) Pronunciation: dictation of problem sounds and words.


The speaking review gives the student the opportunity to practise the target language that was studied in the previous 9 lessons.  The speaking review feedback consists of the following sections:

  • General fluency & communication of ideas
  • Accuracy
  • Vocabulary range
  • Pronunciation


Each section is graded on the scale below according to the level that the student has been assessed at having:









Very Good