IELTS Courses
This qualification is for students who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication.
Course Material

Our teachers use Cambridge materials and other resources that they have developed from their extensive experience in teaching English all over the world.

You have a choice of 3 courses and each course includes practice mock tests:

1)    The Complete Course (40 hours)
This course is suitable for those who haven’t taken the IELTS course before.  You will study 10 hours of each skill; writing, reading, listening & speaking.

2)    The Writing and Reading Course (40 hours)
This course focuses on writing & reading.  It is suitable for those students who have already taken the IELTS course & have scored the lowest in these sections.

3)    The flexible course (40 hours)
This course allows you to choose exactly what you would like to study depending on what skill you find most challenging.You can also choose how many hours you would like to study per week:

  • Option 1: Intensive Course (40 hours)
    10 hours per week X 4 weeks
  • Option 2: Semi-intensive Course (40 hours)
    4 hours per week X 10 weeks
  • Option 3: The course for busy people (40 hours)
    2 hours per week X 20 weeks