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Private One-to-one: £30 per hour Private One-to-one: $60 per hour
Corporate One-to-one: £35 per hour Corporate One-to-one: $70 per hour
Group courses from 2 to a maximum of 12 students. 
Please enquire about group course fees.
Group courses from 2 to a maximum of 12 students. 
Please enquire about group course fees.

Please note that all lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes.

We operate a 24-hour lesson cancellation policy.

Business English course

This course focuses on increasing confidence & fluency in all areas of key business skills (e.g. a greater confidence & competence in taking part & chairing meetings & negotiations).

Course content

  • Presentation of company / organisation & products or services.
  • The language of negotiations, meetings, telephoning & presentations
  • Cultural awareness within a business context
  • Presentation of figures and business trends
  • Formal & diplomatic language versus informal & neutral language
  • Case studies & discussions relating to relevant business areas (e.g. financial, marketing, retail).
  • Networking & making small-talk
  • Meeting, greeting & receiving visitors

In order to better communicate within a business context the following communication skills are focused on in this course.

  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • interrupting
  • clarifying and confirming
  • asking for comments
  • summarising
  • asking appropriate questions
  • challenging/defending an opinion
  • persuading and compromising
  • making proposals, offers, suggestions
  • opening/closing meetings


General English course

  • This course focuses on the following language skills:

  • Speaking practise to improve fluency in daily conversation & social situations.

  • Grammar activities to improve accuracy of speech

  • Listening of a range of authentic audio material with activities  to improve listening skills

  • General vocabulary expansion (e.g. phrasal verbs, idiomatic language & colloquial expressions).

  • Reading of a range of up-to-date articles on current affairs to debate & discuss

  • Email writing skills; use of informal language & standard expressions

  • Pronunciation exercises with audio support material.


Cambridge ESOL examinations

  • First Certificate in English (FCE): for Upper Intermediate level students, ideal for those who want to use English for work or study purposes; internationally recognised for business & study purposes.

  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): for people who can use English in most professional & social situations; a higher level certificate than the FCE.

  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): the most advanced exam; for those at level C2 (proficient user)

Business English Certificates

BEC certificates are internationally recognised as a suitable qualification for business use.  Leading international companies such as Sony Ericsson, Shell, Vodafone, Bayer, Coca-Cola and HSBC have all recognised BEC in their offices around the world.

  • BEC Preliminary: for Intermediate level students

  • BEC Vantage: for Upper Intermediate level students

  • BEC Higher: for advanced level students